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Piano Exam Pices, 2023 & 2024

Available for Initial Grade to Grade 8, these collections of 9 pieces per grade are available as a book only or book + audio.
Each book + audio package comes with 39 audio download recordings by professional musicians to provide inspiration for teachers and learners.
Department: Graded music exams -
Piano graded music exams
Publisher: ABRSM





Music Theory Practice Papers 2022 Grades 1-8

Music Theory Practice Papers 2022 are essential resources for ABRSM’s Music Theory exams and provide candidates with question types that they can expect to see in the exam.



This new series offers additional sight-reading practice material to support the current ABRSM Piano syllabus.

Available for Grades 1-8, each book features sample practice tests, representative of the technical level expected in the exam, as well as preparatory exercises to consolidate and build on existing skills between grades. More Piano Sight-Reading offers even more material to use in lessons or at home, supporting students to gain confidence in this crucial musical skill.

There are no changes to the current sight-reading requirements; these books can be used alongside ABRSM’s existing Piano Specimen Sight-Reading Tests.




More Music Theory Sample Papers for Music Theory exams at Grades 1-5

More Music Theory Sample Papers feature four new exam papers at Grades 1 to 5 and are perfect for use alongside our Music Theory Sample Papers for additional practice material.

These Music Theory Sample Papers and Model Answers are essential resources that fully support the online question types and will help candidates understand what to expect in the exam.

Music Theory Practice Papers Grades 6-8

Authentic practice material for all ABRSM paper-based Music Theory exam candidates adapted from the 2020 exam papers.


Piano Scales & Arpeggios, ABRSM

Piano Scales & Arpeggiosbooks contains all the scales and arpeggios required for ABRSM’s Piano exam. It covers all the new requirements from 2021.

Department: Graded music exams -
Piano graded music exams
Publisher: ABRSM




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